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Video Streaming New Products Webinar

If you are a vendor of goods that are routinely sold through online stores you may be an especially good candidate for video streaming.

You may use a phone conferencing system where multiple clients can converse with you about a new product. These types of services continue to be useful. However, a new generation of savvy vendors are finding a greater value in video streaming webinars.

Imagine a growing company with several hundred vendors or affiliates. This company has several new products they are ready to make available, but short of sending a sample to every current vendor on their list they opt to use a webinar to debut the new products.

They capitalize on the buzz by creating timely press releases and information on how the vendor can take advantage of the webinar. On a set date and time men and women gather in front of their computer screen to see the debut of the products.

As part of the video streaming webinar the company provides practical demonstrations of the product and benefits are Continue reading Video Streaming New Products Webinar