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Webinars – Time Rich And Money Smart

What comes to mind when you think, seminar? Suits, ties, high heels, Hotels, fine dining, travel… the list goes on. Seminars add up to a lot of money and time- something many Americans are becoming less willing to part with.

The laser pace of our society is demanding instant products, and that demand is quickly coming to include the traditional seminar. A lot of people smile at the thought of throwing away the hosiery and suit coats, and letting the world come to their desktop in the form of a Webinar.

According to the well-known Web Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.com, a Webinar is just about what it sounds like – a seminar conducted over the World Wide Web. What’s the difference between a Webinar and a Web Conference? Interaction. Presenters and the audience have direct communication via telephone or speaker phone.

If you’ve been scratching your head, looking for more ways to stretch your days and/or budget this may be your personal Continue reading Webinars — Time Rich And Money Smart