Video Streaming New Products Webinar

If you are a vendor of goods that are routinely sold through online stores you may be an especially good candidate for video streaming.

You may use a phone conferencing system where multiple clients can converse with you about a new product. These types of services continue to be useful. However, a new generation of savvy vendors are finding a greater value in video streaming webinars.

Imagine a growing company with several hundred vendors or affiliates. This company has several new products they are ready to make available, but short of sending a sample to every current vendor on their list they opt to use a webinar to debut the new products.

They capitalize on the buzz by creating timely press releases and information on how the vendor can take advantage of the webinar. On a set date and time men and women gather in front of their computer screen to see the debut of the products.

As part of the video streaming webinar the company provides practical demonstrations of the product and benefits are Continue reading Video Streaming New Products Webinar

Webinars – Time Rich And Money Smart

What comes to mind when you think, seminar? Suits, ties, high heels, Hotels, fine dining, travel… the list goes on. Seminars add up to a lot of money and time- something many Americans are becoming less willing to part with.

The laser pace of our society is demanding instant products, and that demand is quickly coming to include the traditional seminar. A lot of people smile at the thought of throwing away the hosiery and suit coats, and letting the world come to their desktop in the form of a Webinar.

According to the well-known Web Encyclopedia,, a Webinar is just about what it sounds like – a seminar conducted over the World Wide Web. What’s the difference between a Webinar and a Web Conference? Interaction. Presenters and the audience have direct communication via telephone or speaker phone.

If you’ve been scratching your head, looking for more ways to stretch your days and/or budget this may be your personal Continue reading Webinars — Time Rich And Money Smart

Running Your Own Profitable Webinars

How to run your own webinars ..that is the question.

First, you have to put together a compelling presentation that causes your prospective customers to take action. You see, it’s not enough to educate your audience. You can be the most beloved “teacher” on the Internet and still not grow your online or offline business through webinars.

You have to walk the fine line of giving really great content as well as asking them to DO SOMETHING at the end of your webinar. That can be visiting your website, picking up the phone or driving over for a visit.

After you create a killer presentation, you have to find a webinar hosting company so you can present your information to hundreds of people at one time. There are several good ones out there including GoToWebinar, WebEx, Adobe Connect and few others. Or you can hire individuals to run your webinar for you.

Also, there are webinar “how to” courses that show you every step and give you the reasoning behind each one. Make sure you choose a course that has lots of step by step video so you don’t get lost. Then turn the course over to your techie person, employee, secretary, or teenage kid and have them learn how to setup your webinar!

Next, you have to have a way of recording the webinar so you can show the replay. Let’s face it, not everyone will be able to Continue reading Running Your Own Profitable Webinars

How To Make Money With Webinars

An increasingly popular idea in today’s economy is to make money with Webinars. They are extremely powerful tools used to introduce new products and in building lists of followers for your business. If you are thinking about increasing sales, using webinars is a great idea, Here are 6 easy steps to follow.

The Six Steps To Running a Successful Webinar

What is a webinar?
Quickly summed up, its as an online presentation.

Since this is going to be a teleseminar, your business will get a great deal of exposure so it must be done correctly. That’s why many business owners choose to conduct live meetings or give presentations in this fashion. Again, if it’s done in the right manner you will definately see a spike in your earnings.

You might think this is a difficult task, it’s not. In fact, it can be a rather easy task. The most important idea to remember Continue reading How To Make Money With Webinars

Make Running Your Business An Easy Process With Webinars

Go to Webinar is a good place for those who like the online platform for meetings known as Go to Meeting. Go to Webinar is a web-based format similar for Go to Meeting for online seminars. Up to a thousand people can attend your seminars or meetings at one time and if you don’t have that many people attending then you can simply use Go to Meeting. Both these programs have similar features and the Go to Webinar package include the Go to Meeting software as well so businesses can handle the load when the employees numbers aren’t too high but you still want to contact and get in touch with multiple contacts or employees at one time.

Go to Webinar and is one way to save money for your business by taking part in a thirty day risk free trial so you can see what the service is all about and find out the benefit’s the software can bring to your company or business.

Go to Webinar allows you to save revenue on transportation and you don’t have to worry about meeting scheduling. The Continue reading Make Running Your Business An Easy Process With Webinars

How To Sell Out Your Webinars

If you are an internet marketer with a marketing strategy that includes webinars, there are several features and best practices that you must have in order to be successful. See what the gurus and internet players have figured out is that to make serious money online using webinars, you must incorporate into your strategy what is called automated webinars. With an automated webinar strategy, you do not have to touch anything really but you will have the ability to deliver the same message over and over again. The best technology on the market that will allow you to literally clone yourself to a wide audience is Webinars Unleashed. With this technology, you will have the ability to:

Leverage the power of our New AutoPilot Rolling JV Model to fast-track Insane amounts of Traffic and build their List Exponentially, without worrying about ANY of the traditional methods (SEO, PPC, CPV, Social Media) Continue reading How To Sell Out Your Webinars

More Benefits Of Webinar

If you know and love Go to Meeting, an online platform for meetings, you will love Go to Webinar. Go to Webinar is a similar web-based format for online seminars; you can have up to 1,000 people attend your seminar or meeting at once and if you don’t have that many attendees you can always just use Go to Meeting. The features of the two are similar, and Go to Meeting is included in the Go to Webinar package, to handle the times when the employee load isnÂ’t so high but you still want to get in contact with and touch base with multiple contacts and employees at once.

Go to Webinar and are all about helping you save money, and they have even offered you a 30 day risk free trial, so you can check out Go to Webinar and see what it is all about, and the different ways in which your company can benefit from use of the service.

Go to Webinar takes the guesswork out of meeting scheduling, and it certainly saves valuable revenue on transportation. You navigate to the system through the taskbar tray on your computer; all presentations, discussions, and forums can be Continue reading More Benefits Of Webinar

Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

All stressed out for the next webinar for a new product launch? Relax. You just need a few tricks to get your work done without the tension that a frazzled wedding planner undergoes.

101 Details To Look Into

If preparing for a big event is not your specialty, you have to prepare yourself for the big picture. The big picture includes thousands of minute details you never thought are essential to a successful seminar, or webinar, in this case. The moment the product goes into the drawing board, it’s full steam ahead for the different teams.

Map out the schedule of the activity. This schedule should consider all the preparation that goes into the main event, from planning the advertising campaign to the moment the webinar ends. The preliminary schedule of the product launch is Continue reading Get Rid Of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

Collaborating During A Webinar

If you have to collaborate with a co-worker during a webinar, you should plan in advance how you would like to conduct the presentation during the meeting. Web conferencing is a great way to involve different members of a company that live in different locations. You should talk with your co-worker prior to the web meeting to discuss specifics including the topics that will be discussed, who will go first, and which materials you will need to email to participants in advance. A collaboration tool that keeps track of slides, tasks, and other aspects of the presentation may be useful, especially if you and your co-worker live in different areas.

When giving a presentation, you will have to show slides, speak about issues, and field any questions. While some people work well with other people, some do not. You should find a web conferencing service that will help you set up meeting Continue reading Collaborating During A Webinar

Best Practices For Webinars


A webinar constitutes a communication activity in which image and message will be combined. This is where is clear the importance of customizing the web page of the meeting room with your logo and screen where the title, the lead, of your webinar appears. You can even choose some music to make the waiting period more agreeable, before the beginning of the Webinar. In order to interact with the participants, the voice broadcasting is made in parallel with an audio conference. In this regard, we offer a free audio conference service in which the participants make a regular long distance call with access points in Europe and America. The webinar promotion is done via Internet. We have at your disposition, in our international page, a Webinar’s agenda for you to advertise. The persons interested in participating are asked to fill out a registration form that is deactivated after 25 people registered that maximum number of participants that conference software handles.


Several conference software functionalities contribute to the Webinar success. First of all, a PowerPoint presentation and the screen sharing in order to make a software demonstration or to display Word or Excel documents, for instance. Also, several presenters might intervene under the conference master guidance. The presenter might send any document to the Continue reading Best Practices For Webinars